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FB-Creek 2


The FB-Creek 2 is a comprehensive energy system that pairs a 6kW inverter with a 10kWh battery, designed for efficient and reliable power supply, suitable for various applications including residential and small commercial use.


FB-Creek 2

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    A Versatile Home Energy Solution This system combines a robust 6kW inverter with a 10kWh battery, providing significant energy storage for extended power outages or as part of a solar or off-grid setup. Its dimensions (580mm L x 350mm W x 1280mm H) and weight (149kg) signify its capability while still offering a balanced size.

    The FB-Creek 2 is ideal for homes or businesses that require a reliable and versatile energy backup source.


    • 6kW Inverter: Capable of powering a range of appliances and devices with ease.
    • 10kWh Battery Storage: Ensures a significant energy reserve for consistent power availability.
    • Compact Design: Optimized dimensions and weight for easier installation and space efficiency.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for homes, small businesses, or off-grid setups requiring stable power.
    • Energy Efficiency: Maximizes power usage, delivering energy precisely where needed.


    • Steady Power Source: Offers a reliable electricity supply, enhancing comfort and operational continuity.
    • Backup Power Assurance: Provides peace of mind with a substantial backup energy reserve.
    • Space-Efficient: Designed to fit seamlessly into various environments without occupying excessive space.
    • Flexible Application: Supports a wide array of uses, from daily energy needs to emergency backup.
    • Sustainable Option: Facilitates the integration with renewable energy sources for a greener energy solution.

    The FB-Creek 2 is perfectly suited for residential use, small commercial settings, and off-grid applications where a dependable and efficient power source is necessary, providing both energy generation and storage.

    Additional information

    Weight 149 kg
    Dimensions 580 × 350 × 1280 mm

    Item code: CFEPC510
    Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
    Model: All in one
    Power Capacity: 6kW Inverter + 10kWh Battery
    Wh Rating: 10240


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