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The SSP15012V is a robust 12V 150Ah AGM battery, offering unparalleled energy storage and reliability for high-demand applications, ensuring consistent power delivery.



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    Exemplary Power and Endurance with AGM Technology. This robust 12V, 150Ah battery leverages Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology to deliver exceptional power, lifespan, and resilient performance. Its substantial size of 483mm (L) x 171mm (W) x 240mm (H) and significant weight of 43kg signify its capacity for delivering high energy output. The SSP15012V is ideal for applications like UPS units, emergency power, and generator starting.

    12V 150Ah Capacity: Delivers extensive power storage for applications that demand a high energy reserve.
    AGM Technology: Provides superior performance, longevity, and maintenance-free convenience.
    Large Dimensions: Designed to house a significant energy capacity, suitable for a variety of applications.
    Substantial Weight: Reflects the battery’s robust construction and extensive power capacity.
    Wide Application Suitability: Ideal for solar systems, backup power, marine use, and other critical applications.

    Ample Energy Supply: Ensures a reliable power source for extended periods, suitable for various critical applications.
    Zero Maintenance: AGM design negates the need for water top-ups and regular maintenance, offering ease of use.
    Enhanced Safety: Leak-proof and spill-proof characteristics make it safe for diverse installation environments.
    Versatile Use: Easily integrates into multiple systems, providing flexibility across a range of applications.
    Durable and Reliable: Engineered for long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent battery replacements.

    • Optimally used in solar energy storage systems, large-scale emergency backup, marine applications, recreational vehicles, and other scenarios requiring a dependable and long-lasting power source.

    Additional information

    Weight 43 kg
    Dimensions 483 × 171 × 240 mm
    Battery Type


    Ah Rating


    Item code: SSP15012V
    Warranty: 6 Month Warranty
    Model: SP12-150
    Power Capacity: 12V 150Ah


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    Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate battery type and size for your vehicle. It is essential to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or consult a professional technician to ensure the correct battery application for your specific vehicle make and model.