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First Battery is committed to environmentally responsible practices and follows the ‘design for disassembly’ principle, ensuring that our products can be safely disposed of and recycled. We comply with the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and have a dedicated division called Scrap Batteries focused on collecting and recycling used lead-acid batteries throughout South Africa. By recognizing the potential harm of automotive battery components like lead, plastic, and sulphuric acid to the environment, First Battery stands out as one of the few organizations in South Africa equipped with the facilities and expertise to safely recycle and dispose of these components.

To minimize environmental pollution, waste, and maintain the quality of their lead supply for new batteries, we established a recycling facility in Benoni. This facility includes essential components such as a battery breaker, an effluent plant for acid treatment, a lead smelter, a blending kettle for specialized alloy production, and scrubbers to control emissions. Additionally, we have commissioned a plastic processing plant. Demonstrating our commitment to a complete reprocessing cycle, First Battery can provide registered disposal certificates upon request for ISO companies, ensuring the entire process is handled responsibly.



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