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The ultimate upgrade for high-demand vehicles. Get exceptional reserve capacity, a long lifespan optimized for entry level start-stop, and the utmost convenience of maintenance-free operation.



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    • The EFB Technology Gold Range Car Battery Model 658C is a premium battery engineered to deliver outstanding power and durability. Boasting an impressive 96 Ah capacity rating and a CCA IEC of 820, this battery ensures exceptional starting performance in various weather conditions.
    • Measuring at 352mm in length, 175mm in width, and 190mm in height, the Model 658C is designed to fit a wide range of vehicles seamlessly. Weighing 24.23kg, it strikes a perfect balance between robustness and ease of installation.
    • The advanced EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology incorporated into this battery ensures enhanced cycling capability and superior charge acceptance, making it an excellent choice for vehicles equipped with start-stop systems and demanding electrical loads.
    • With the EFB Technology Gold Range Car Battery Model 658C, you can rely on consistent performance and long-lasting reliability, ensuring peace of mind for your journeys.

    EFB Technology:
    Benefit: Built for frequent cycling in start-stop applications, ensuring a longer lifespan than standard batteries.
    175-Minute Reserve Capacity:
    Benefit: Offers a massive power store for accessories. Ideal for providing extensive backup power in emergencies.
    Spill-Resistant Design:
    Benefit: Enhances safe handling, providing a cleaner experience.
    Benefit: Eliminates the need to top up fluids.
    Robust Performance:
    Benefit: Consistent, powerful starts and reliable operation even under the harshest driving conditions.

    • Vehicles with basic start-stop systems.
    • Cars with extreme electrical demands (multi-component sound systems, many in-car screens, etc.).
    • Commercial vehicles.
    • Vehicles operating in severe weather conditions or heavy, stop-and-go traffic situations.

    Additional information

    Dimensions 352 × 175 × 190 mm

    Battery Model: 658
    Item code: 658C
    Reserve Capacity: 175
    IEC*/EN: 820
    Nominal Capacity: 96
    SAE: 835
    Length (mm): 352
    Width (mm): 175
    Height (mm): 190
    O/A Height (mm): n/a
    Hold Down Type: B13
    Terminal Layout: 0
    Terminal Type: STD
    Dry (kg) Min: 15.51
    Dry (kg) Max: 16.66
    Wet (kg) Min: 22.71
    Wet (kg) Max: 24.23




    Please note that this information is meant to serve as a general guide. It is crucial to verify the compatibility of the battery with your specific vehicle before making a purchase.

    Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate battery type and size for your vehicle. It is essential to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or consult a professional technician to ensure the correct battery application for your specific vehicle make and model.


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