Sweepers / Scrubbers / Scissorjacks

First National Battery is the distributor of the Trojan range of batteries– ideally suited to use in all sweepers and scrubbers used in SA. Trojan has the largest market share in the US in the golf cart and sweeper/scrubber market.

The Trojan range has the following features:

  • Durable, reliable deep cycle batteries.
  • Suitable for most electric storage requirements, such as wind driven and solar generators
  • Cycle life highest amongst all deep cycle batteries manufactured in the USA – up to 30% more than the next best
  • FNB distributors in Southern Africa under “licence” to TROJAN in the USA and available from most Battery Centres in SA
  • Nationwide back up service
  • Stock availability to meet most requirements within 48 hours
  • Most reliable for all sweepers and scrubbers used in South Africa
  • Suitable for all scissor jack applications
  • Comply with most stringent UL test requirements
  • Largest market share in USA in golf cart and sweeper/scrubber market –
  • about 75%
  • Easily recognisable Maroon containers – in fact the colour is a registered design feature of TROJAN in the USA
  • Suitable for trolling motor applications when fishing
  • 6 month guarantee
  • Complete range 6, 8 and 12 volt deep cycle batteries
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We at First National Battery are committed to our Environmental Management System. Through effective documentation, implementation and maintenance, we minimise potential environmental impacts during design, manufacturing, distribution and recycling activities.
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