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First National Battery supplies batteries that power electric vehicles such as forklift trucks. All motive power batteries supplied by First National Battery are assembled in tanks that they have the following features:

  • The battery tank is sand blasted and treated with an acid resistant epoxy powder coating
  • Take-off cables are anchored according to DIN or BS requirements
  • Drain tubes are fitted to allow for rinse water extraction via a suction device
  • Each tank has a multi-lingual safety label


Cell Features

As the only South African Battery Manufacturer using state of the art spine casting equipment we are able to produce low antimony – 1.8% Sb – Positive Plates.
First National Battery traction cells achieve capacity within 10 cycles.

Our cells comply with worldwide DIN or BS specifications which allows First National Battery access to all international markets and the ability to service worldwide customer base.

Benefits of Low Antimony Positive Plates

  • Less frequent topping up required
  • Lower maintenance
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Lower risk of overcharge during 1st stage charge
  • Increased service life

Positive Plate

The tubular plate construction incorporates lead alloy spines in complete contact with active material, which is retained by a tube. This enables the electrolyte to penetrate freely, ensuring a high power output per unit volume.

Negative Plate

The negative plate is of a highly porous paste on an alloy grid. This complements the positive plate construction, providing a balanced performance and life.


All positive plates are automatically sleeved (the separator is wrapped around the plate). Sleeves replace individual separators with the following benefits:

  • No missing separators
  • Ensures alignment of plates and separators
  • Eliminates the possibility of shorts circuits and mossing
  • Extended life

Containers and Lids

The cell container and lid are of polypropylene. The lid is heat-sealed to the container ensuring a homogenous bond. This is vital to mechanical strength and safety.

Battery Accessories

Battery Filling System

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All batteries supplied by First National Battery can have battery filling systems fitted as an optional extra. These systems allow for topping up of batteries in an efficient and trouble free manner. Electrolyte levels are easily monitored via the visual float level indicator. All vent plugs allow for easy specific gravity checks once the lid is lifted.



Electrolyte Agitation

Frequent cycling of batteries can cause electrolyte stratification. By circulating through the electrolyte during charging this problem can be eliminated with the following benefits:

  • Less gassing and therefore reduced water loss during the charging cycle.
  • Charging time is reduced by as much as one third and therefore a reduction in energy input results.
  • Temperatures during charging are lower, thus extending battery life.


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We at First National Battery are committed to our Environmental Management System. Through effective documentation, implementation and maintenance, we minimise potential environmental impacts during design, manufacturing, distribution and recycling activities.
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