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FRR1 – A powerful and efficient 12V battery with a 50Ah rating and 241CCA EN, designed for off-grid and backup power applications. Its compact size makes it easy to install and move around, making it a reliable and efficient energy storage solution.



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    The FRR1 is a powerful and efficient 12V battery designed for solar and backup power applications. With a 50 Ah rating and a CCA EN of 241, this lead-acid battery is built to handle heavy loads and provide reliable power over time.

    Its compact size, measuring 173mm in length, 200mm in width, and 14.4mm in height, makes it easy to install and move around. Whether you’re powering a small off-grid cabin or a remote monitoring system, the FRR1 is a durable and efficient energy storage solution that can help you stay connected even in challenging conditions.

    50Ah rating and 241CCA EN
    Lead-acid chemistry for durable performance
    Compact size of 173mm x 200mm x 14.4mm
    Ideal for off-grid and backup power applications where reliability and efficiency are critical
    Can handle heavy loads and deliver consistent power over time
    Easy to install and move around, thanks to its compact size and lightweight design

    Backup power for homes and businesses
    Solar power systems
    Electric fence systems
    Marine applications, such as boats and yachts
    Remote cabins and off-grid homes

    Additional information

    Weight 14 kg
    Dimensions 241 × 173 × 200 mm
    Battery Type

    12 Volt

    Ah Rating





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