Standby Power Cells

Some brands are used exclusively in South Africa by First National Battery (registered user of the trademarks).

Product Range Summary
Flat Plate Increased capacity, combined with decreased volume and weight. Life expectancy of around 15 years. Float-charge operation, always ready for use.
  • • Ease of inspection, test and maintenance (a hydrometer reading indicates the state of charge.
  • • Lower internal resistance which provides increased performance at high rates of discharge.
  • • No falling-off of capacity with age.
  • • Life expectancy of 20 years or longer.
  • • Designed for float-charge operation, always ready for use.
Tubular RCT The Tubular Cell offers outstanding reliability over an expected working life of 10-12 years in float charge applications. These cells are capable of providing in excess of 1500 cycles to 80% depth of discharge.
M-Solar The M-Solar battery consisting of reliable tubular cells, is capable of high cycling - in excess of 1500 cycles to a 50% depth of discharge. In terms of price, this battery represents an economical alternative to other power storage options.
The RR battery range includes low antimony grid alloys to reduce maintenance. The latest technology high performance plates enable the batteries to withstand frequent and deep charge and discharge cycles. Glass mat backed leaf seperators prevents shedding of active material thus allowing deep cycling. (Prevents short circuits).
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First National Battery manufactures a wide range of battery products across diverse industries.
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We at First National Battery are committed to our Environmental Management System. Through effective documentation, implementation and maintenance, we minimise potential environmental impacts during design, manufacturing, distribution and recycling activities.
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