Miner’s Cap Lamp

The cap lamp is an essential piece of equipment that has to be carried by every person working in an underground mining environment. It is a light source powered by a battery carried on the miner’s belt with a cable connecting to a headpiece. The headpiece of the miner’s cap lamp is attached onto the front of the miner’s helmet by means of a clip. The cap lamps are rechargeable and designed for between 600 and 1000 charge cycles depending on the battery technology chemistry used.

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The First National Battery miner’s cap lamps are available in different models, namely the 16Ah accumulator with incandescent bulb headpiece and 4Ah accumulator with LED headpiece.
cap1 cap2

4 Ah Intrinsically Safe LED Maintenance Free

Key features of the lead acid miner’s cap lamp include the following:

  • Solid state resettable fuse
  • Headpieces available with incandescent bulb or LED
  • Compatible with all charging racks
  • Made from flame-retardant material
  • Patented technology
  • No battery memory
  • Approved for use in all South African mines by Government Mining Engineer
  • VRLA – valve regulated lead acid accumulator

Technological advances allowed First National Battery to design and manufacture the award-winning TC1 and TC2 Li-Ion Cap Lamps that have the following features:

  • Energy efficient design
  • Built-in intelligence
  • Made from flame-retardant material
  • A patented optical reflector design to significantly improve peripheral lighting
  • Main light output greater than 6 000 candela
  • Auxiliary bulb has a light intensity of over 2 400 candela
  • 24 hours of high-beam lighting from a 12 hour charge
  • 52 hours of auxiliary beam lighting from a 12 hour charge
  • Fully compatible with existing charger installations
  • Built-in microprocessor to regulate input voltage, prevent over-charging and control the LED voltage
  • Configured to prevent incorrect wiring to ensure miners aren’t sent underground with faulty equipment
  • Battery casing allows for use of an RFID device for easy location tracking of miners in emergency situations
  • Approved by the Director of Mine Safety for the Department of Mineral Resources

First National Battery miner’s cap lamps have been designed for harsh underground mining conditions and are used by all the major South African Mining Groups which mine platinum, gold, diamonds, coal, uranium, copper, iron and antimony. Currently there are more than 200 000 First National Battery miner’s cap lamps in use underground daily in South Africa.

Furthermore, the First National Battery miner’s cap lamps are exported to mining companies throughout Africa and used extensively in their mining operations.

The use of the First National Battery miner’s cap lamps is not just limited to the mining industry but also extends to other applications such as confectionary, grape farming for the wine industry and other outdoor use.
cap4 cap5 Battery casing
Maintenance of miner’s cap lamps
All First National Battery miner’s cap lamps are fully maintainable by the end user, which results in reduced downtime and cost of ownership.

Training on maintenance and care on mine lighting
First National Battery’s training department aims to provide free, quality training to lamp room personnel on the repairs and maintenance of the complete range of miner’s cap lamps. The department equips trainees with the relevant skills to effectively contribute to the economic development of an organisation, as well as maintaining equipment according to industry/Department of Mineral Resources /OEM standards.

The main objective is to increase the knowledge of maintenance staff and assistants, by combining theory and practice to improve your employees’ core, industry-specific, and job-specific competencies. In turn, this allows for a multi-skilled workforce, enhanced operational efficiency and improved profitability.

We are confident that once your staff have been trained correctly and put the skills they’ve learnt into practice, you will see a considerable improvement in production time and turnover of equipment.

Our full-time training staff are equipped with in-the-field knowledge and experience at your service. Our training is of the highest standard, and includes pre and post training evaluations to determine the trainees’ grasp of the knowledge. Upon successfully completing the training, each attendee is awarded a certificate of completion.

Battery Maintenance Trouble Shooting booklet TC1 and TC2 Li-ion Maintenance Free Caplamp

Miner’s cap lamp charging racks /frames
Different types of charging racks are used such as wood (old design) and stainless steel.
cap6 cap7 cap8
The charging racks consist of the following:

  • Consist of shelves – wall mounted or back-to-back
  • Energy efficient built-in switch mode power supply
  • Able to accommodate SCSR’s
  • Available as a single point charging unit or customised based on requirements. Standard racks are 51 way, 102 way and a 120 way cap lamp charging frame

Cap lamp room battery bay audits
At First National Battery, our expert personnel come to your lamp room, underground battery bays and locomotive battery hospital to conduct audits that are generally performance and quality related. As the OEM of your equipment, and by following the Department of Mineral Resources’ (DMR) guidelines, we are best suited to evaluate and advise you on follow-up solutions including:

  • Ensuring all DMR legals are being carried out/ implemented
  • Ensuring that correct maintenance / repairs are being carried out
  • Ensuring that the staff is correctly/ adequately trained
  • Ensuring that the best return on investment is received
  • Reducing costly expenses incurred because of incorrect procedures being done

An annual audit is advised at the very least, but this can be done quarterly if required. Please contact your nearest office or sales representative should you require more information.

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